Airport Planning

Ensuring that ever more complex mobility needs are met is a challenge of our time, which we tackle with integrated concepts. Our airport planning department focuses on handling construction projects for international airports, regional airports and commercial airfields as well as for companies in the aerospace sector. Our planning teams specialize in engineering the air-side and land-side airport facilities along with the associated infrastructure.

Staff in this department have accumulated many years of experience from a wide variety of airport projects. These range from studies through to general planning and execution supervision, encompassing virtually all relevant technical disciplines. If needed, experts from the other departments of Fichtner Bauconsulting GmbH as well as external partners are consulted.

  • Planning Services
    • Conceptual and feasibility studies
    • Aircraft taxiing simulations
    • Design of aircraft maneuvering areas
    • Planning in phases 1 to 9 of the HOAI (German Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers)
    • Support and consultancy for permit application procedures
    • Quality controls and design reviews