Architecture & Project Planning

With a team of experienced architects, civil engineers and designers, we support your construction projects throughout all project phases. Our focus is on industrial construction, office & commercial buildings, public buildings, production and logistics. Increasingly, we are also performing planning work in the field of renewable energies and rehabilitation of existing production facilities, administration buildings and institutional structures under the aspects of energy efficiency and fire protection.

  • Planning Services
    • Conceptual and feasibility studies, design concepts
    • Preliminary and basic design including cost estimates
    • Permit application planning under state building codes or pollution control legislation
    • Detailed design
    • Tendering in the form of bills of quantities, statements of work and supply specifications
  • Control and Coordination

    During the implementation of construction projects, we undertake advisory, coordination and supervisory tasks for our clients in relation to individual contract sections as well as general contractors.

    • Assistance in contract award and billing of construction services
    • Review and approval of production and workshop plans
    • Site management, construction management and construction supervision
    • Quality assurance, expediting and budgetary control
    • Project control including cost and change order monitoring

    What’s more, we can pool and coordinate for our clients the complete planning services of all specialist planners and experts needed for a construction project.

  • General Planning and Specialist Planning

    As general planner, we provide not only the architectural services but also the specialist planning for technical installations, building services, fire protection, building physics, and architectural acoustics. We cover most of those specialties with our own staff. Established planning teams from the fields of architecture and project planning, structural engineering and infrastructure cut down on interfaces to the benefit of our clients.