Fire Protection

Preventive fire protection involves measures designed to prevent fires from starting and spreading. Our fire protection department is the expert to talk to about all structural, organizational and technical aspects of fire protection. We will inform you of current laws, regulations and directives which need to be considered when implementing fire protection in your building.

  • Structural fire protection Structural fire protection
    • Stability of the building
    • Escape routes
    • Fire compartments
    • Smoke compartments
    • Fire resistance of building components
    • Flammability of building materials
    • Fire protection closures
    • Fire brigade access routes
  • Technical fire protection Technical fire protection
    • Fire extinguishing systems
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Smoke removal
    • Wet / dry standpipes
    • Wall-mounted hydrants
    • Lightning protection
    • Emergency lighting
    • Safety lighting
  • Organizational fire protection Organizational fire protection
    • Escape and rescue route plans
    • Fire safety regulations
    • Fire prevention officer
    • Fire drills
    • Wall-mounted hydrants
    • Lightning protection
    • Fire extinguishers

Tailor-Made Fire Protection Concepts

Whether in new buildings or in existing buildings, our fire protection experts develop and plan project-specific fire protection concepts and certificates which are economically tailored to your individual needs. Our services range from feasibility and optimization reports to fire protection concepts in the course of permitting procedures through to fire protection acceptance procedures. Using 3D models and simulation programs, we develop real solutions such as certificates on smoke extraction or evacuation.

  • Planning Services
    • Fire protection consultancy / fire protection concepts for existing and new buildings
    • Fire protection measures
    • Detailed design of fire protection
    • Fire safety regulations
    • Structural design in case of fire
    • Specialist site supervision of fire protection
    • Preparing escape and rescue route plans
    • Preparing floor plans for firefighting
    • Planning fire alarm systems
    • Planning extinguishing systems
    • Planning ventilators and smoke extractors
    • Planning firefighting water retention and storage

Your Contact

  • Timo Dunkel
  • Head of Department Fire Protection