Structural Engineering

Fichtner Bauconsulting GmbH has a network of highly qualified engineers, technicians and designers in the field of civil and structural engineering for engineering structures, concrete and steelwork structures, tanks and silos as well as prefabricated buildings.

Our projects range from power plants for renewable and conventional energies to building construction, industrial construction and special underground engineering works. In addition to traditional new-build and rebuild projects, we also work on special constructions with client-specific requirements or railroad bridges as new-build replacements during ongoing railroad operations. We meet project-specific requirements while applying a range of national and international standards so as to design, calculate and plan the optimal solution.

Our aim is to develop optimized structures – from preliminary design to basic design of the entire structure through to detailed solutions. When preparing structural calculations, we attach great importance not only to obtaining the desired outcome, but also to incorporating economic targets for construction and subsequent utilization.

  • Planning Services
    • Full range of structural engineering and project planning services for concrete and steelwork structures as well as foundation engineering works
    • Planning and consultancy throughout all project phases, from concept study through to putting the facility into service
    • Rehabilitation tasks with appraisal of the initial condition and damage analyses
    • Consultancy, monitoring and oversight throughout all project phases, acting in the capacity of owner’s engineer
    • Expert assessments and due diligence reports