Achieving the Perfect Project with the Right Building Blocks

Advancing digitalization is making completely new working methods possible in the construction industry. If those new working methods are fully internalized and applied, a real added value can be achieved. On the one hand, this applies to the use of new tools in the respective disciplines, but also especially to interdisciplinary collaboration. The work processes at Fichtner Bauconsulting are coordinated across disciplines to generate synergies in interdisciplinary work on a daily basis. For example, the modeling guidelines for our individual technical disciplines are adapted to each other, enabling a reduction in design effort. Structural calculations, therefore, are performed on the basis of the architectural model, and the architectural model is referenced for energy calculations. In this way, each individual discipline does not have to construct its own model, but rather existing models can be accessed directly.

Like any new working method, the use of the BIM methodology requires a certain amount of time to yield benefits. This is why Fichtner Bauconsulting decided early on to start using BIM, a fact that is demonstrated, for example, by us winning the BIM Award 2016 from BIM Cluster Stuttgart. Today, we can look back on many years of practical experience.