Energy Consulting during Planning

Currently, society is faced with two challenges in addition to that of Covid. On the one hand, there is the increasing global demand for energy accompanied by the increasing scarcity of fossil resources. On the other hand, there is anthropogenic climate change, which continues to progress as a result of the burning of fossil resources. Since the building sector in Germany accounts for about one third of final energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it plays a crucial role in tackling these challenges.

Fichtner Bauconsulting assists its clients even during the early planning stages in developing sustainable and efficient concepts for energy saving, taking into account the requirements imposed by the required standards and the German Building Energy Act. Factoring in the functions and working in close consultation with clients as well as the owners and users of the building, the most sustainable and economical solution is selected from different options. This includes consulting in relation to appropriate construction materials and equipment technologies, as well as the preparation of documents for the permitting process. In addition, Fichtner Bauconsulting GmbH advises on possible entitlements to development loans and grants from the KfW development bank for “Energy Efficiency Houses” and from the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) with its “Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings (BEG)”.