Selected project examples

Gas-fired Combined Heat and Power Plant, Kiel


A gas-fired combined heat and power plant with a total power rating of 200 MW is to be built on banks of the Kiel Fjord to serve the City of Kiel and its electricity and district heating supply.


In addition to the two engine shops, each containing 10 gas engines, other buildings and structural facilities are to be located on the site. This includes a pump hall, a 60 m high heat storage tank, an electric boiler building, a storage building, a transformer building, a gas transfer station, and a control room and staff facilities building with a separate workshop.


Due to its particular location on the Kiel Fjord, the architecture and the façade design have to meet high standards.

Our services

  • Planning services: determination of basic data and constraints; preliminary design; final design; permit management; preparation for and assisting in contract award
  • Preliminary design
  • Basic architectural design
  • Infrastructure and subsurface site occupancy
  • Permit management
  • Issuing requests for proposals
  • Contract award

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