Selected project examples

Frankfurt/Main Airport, M13 taxiway rehabilitation, Frankfurt

Rollbahn Frankfurt am Main Flughafen

At Frankfurt/Main Airport, the M13 taxiway, including paved shoulders, had to be completely rehabilitated over an area of 2.1 hectares so as to meet future load-bearing capacity requirements.

As well as renewal of the concrete and asphalt flight operation surfaces, the project includes upgrading the lighting installation with LED technology and single-lamp control. The cable conduit network has to be adapted accordingly.

All work was carried out during night hours when no flights are permitted.

Our services

  • Project and sectoral planning with determination of basic data and constraints; preliminary and final design; permit management; detail engineering; preparation for and assisting in contract award; and site supervision
  • HOAI § 43 Civil structures
  • HOAI § 47 Transportation facilities
  • HOAI § 55 Technical outfitting
  • Taxiing simulations


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